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When you're not meeting your enrollment goals, let Miller/Cook help you. We know that it can be challenging to keep your admission and financial aid processes efficient. This is not only due to changing student expectations and increasing cost sensitivity, but also shifting demographics and other factors. By partnering with us, you'll be able to respond to these challenges. Let us help you meet your goals for the next school year.


Record of Achievement

At Miller/Cook, our results speak for themselves. Consider the following outcomes that we have achieved when you're looking consultants to help you with your enrollment objectives:

  • 98% of Our Clients Met or Exceeded Their Enrollment Goals
  • 75% of Our Clients Reported Record Enrollments
  • 60% of Our Clients Lowered Their Discount Rates
  • 90% of Our Clients Maintained or Lowered Their Discount Rates

Why You Should Choose Us

We know that you want your institution to be a success. To assist you with this, our team will work with your enrollment management officers to:

  • Determine If Your Admission Search Strategies Are Working to Your Full Advantage
  • Review Your Existing Communication Plan to Assess Medium, Audience, and Message Quality
  • Identify Both Efficient & Inefficient Processes & Procedures in Use by the Office of Admission
  • Provide Professional Development Opportunities for Your Enrollment Management Team
  • Assess the Extent to Which Your Institutional Scholarship & Grants Programs Support Your Enrollment Objectives
  • Design Effective Outreach from the Financial Aid Office to Students & Family Members
  • Reduce Your Accounts Receivable
  • Improve Enrolled Student & Parent Satisfaction